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White Brick Wall


Boho Arts is a registered charity, formed during the pandemic to build on a legacy of artistic work in the community over the past 20 years by our founders to make positive change in the world around us.

Charitable Purpose

To advance the arts for the public benefit in particular but not exclusively through opportunities to partake in performing arts and attend theatrical performances, the provision of drama, improvisation, film making, music, literature, visual art and other arts workshops.


A world of creative opportunities where everyone has access to the arts in a more integrated society where they are seen, valued and heard.

White Brick Wall

We wanted to emerge from Covid-19 and make a positive difference by doing creative artful things that would bring people together as part of a community. After so much time apart, we felt people were in real need for human connection.

But we recognised there was a problem: The ongoing lack of accessible, affordable and available space in town, made worse by the recent demolition of ‘meanwhile spaces’. How are we meant to provide public access to participate in the arts when there's no space to do it?

We set out on a mission to find a solution and make positive change.


We will create accessible spaces and activities where communities, artists and audiences can come together to connect, collaborate, and be creative.

By putting access at the heart of what we do, we will be inclusive and encourage participation in the arts to instil confidence, wellbeing and creative fulfilment.


By being representative of and responsive to the community we serve, we will be dynamic and relevant.


We will be ambitious, bold and take creative risks. Make space to play, experiment, fail, learn and build on ideas to be unconventional, progressive and innovative.

We will inspire positive change by using creativity to help break down social barriers and release the collective imagination.

We will champion environmental responsibility by nurturing and safeguarding our planet for the well-being of present and future generations.

White Brick Wall

We searched and found an old vacant property in town with the potential to be transformed into an 'inclusive creative arts venue', and so began a big campaign.


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Everyone deserves the right and opportunity to fully and safely participate in all aspects of life, regardless of their abilities or circumstances.


Equality is the fundamental principle that ensures fairness, justice, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their background, identity, or characteristics.


Inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging, embraces diversity, and recognizes the inherent value and contributions of every individual.


Bringing together different perspectives, experiences, and talents, sparks innovation, fosters understanding, and promotes a vibrant and harmonious society.


Community provides a support system, cultivates connections, and empowers individuals to collaborate, share resources, and collectively create positive change.


The foundation of trust is ethical behaviour, enabling individuals and communities to uphold their values, and maintain credibility in all aspects of life.


Transparency, responsibility, and the recognition that our actions have consequences, drives us to act with integrity and fulfil our commitments to the wider community.

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