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School of Improv

We're here to have fun, learn, collaborate, and explore our artistic passions together.  To ensure a safe, positive and inclusive experience, please adhere to our code of conduct.


Respect Each Other

Treat fellow participants, teachers, staff and volunteers with kindness and courtesy. Consider that everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences, so be open-minded, supportive and respect personal boundaries.


Inclusivity and Diversity

Celebrate and embrace the diversity of perspectives, ideas, and artistic expressions. Be mindful of language and actions to create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome.


Collaborate and Share

Encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas. Be open to constructive feedback and be kind and respectful when providing feedback to others.


Be on Time, Sober, and Dress Appropriately

Respect the time of teachers and fellow participants by being punctual, or inform us if you expect you might be late. If you need to leave during a session, do so discreetly. Those who are late, drunk or inebriated, or dressed inappropriately may be denied the ability to participate.


Mindful Communication  

Engage in respectful and non-humiliating communication during times of conflict or disagreement that may occur. Keep in mind that your words or actions may impact others who are not directly involved. If you have personal concerns or conflicts, handle them privately with the individuals concerned, or discreetly bring them to the teacher or organiser's attention.


Maintain a Safe Space

Help us to maintain a safe space. Respect physical and sexual boundaries on and off stage, during and between activities. Maintain physical safety. Don’t put yourself or others at risk of injury. Report any potential risks or emergencies that may arise to your teacher or organiser present.


Difficult subject matter in improvisations needs to be treated with emotional intelligence, and your teacher is there to help you with this. If the scene is putting people at risk physically or emotionally, it can be stopped by the student or teacher.


In moments of spontaneity, our thoughts flow quickly and emerge rapidly from the depths of our minds. Occasionally, words or actions may arise that unintentionally cause offense. The key term here is 'unintentional.' In quality comedy and drama, humour and intensity should not derive from harm to others. Both tone and intent hold significance. While we wholeheartedly support participants expressing their genuine selves, it is essential to note that if your authenticity takes the form of bigotry, this is not a suitable environment for you.


Discrimination, harassment, or any form of exclusionary or offensive behaviour based on race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected characteristic will not be tolerated.

Photography and Recording

Respect the privacy and consent of others when taking photos or recording. Always ask for permission before capturing images or recordings and be mindful of how they will be used.


Social Media

Always communicate respectfully and respect the diversity of perspectives and opinions. Refrain from using offensive language, discriminatory remarks, or engaging in personal attacks. Avoid discussing confidential information or sensitive matters related to other participants. Obtain permission before sharing any Boho Arts' related content on personal social media accounts. Obtain consent before tagging or mentioning other adult participants in posts or photos. Respect others' preferences regarding being tagged or mentioned on social media. Refrain from posting photographs or videos taken at Boho Arts Limited events without the consent of individuals featured. Exercise caution when sharing images to ensure the privacy and dignity of others are protected. Do not engage in or tolerate any form of harassment, bullying, or discriminatory behaviour on social media.

Reporting Concerns

If you feel uncomfortable or witness inappropriate conduct, or are concerned for your own or others’ safety, please discretely report it to your teacher presently, or contact our safeguarding officers below in a timely manner.


Reports of discrimination, harassment, or any other exclusionary misconduct will be taken seriously, and addressed promptly, sensitively and, as far as possible, confidentially.


By participating in our events, you agree to abide by this code of conduct. We reserve the right to address violations and, if necessary, take appropriate action, including removal from the event or programme.


You can read our full Safeguarding Adults Policy here.

Thank you for helping us create a positive and enriching experience for everyone!


Safeguarding Officers:

Bev Fox, CEO & Co-Artistic Director


Ben Dickenson, Trustee


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