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Donate to Boho Arts

Everyone's creative. Sometimes they just need the right opportunity.

Boho Arts Limited is a registered charity in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 

Our Vision:


A world of creative opportunities where everyone has access to the arts in a more integrated society where they are seen, valued and heard, where the arts make a positive impact on their emotional health and wellbeing.

Our Mission:


To create accessible spaces and activities where diverse communities, artists, and audiences can come together to connect, collaborate, and be creative.


We aim to open a green and inclusive creative arts hub in Newcastle in 2025 - a £1.7mill refurbishment project that has been in development for two and a half years and has raised £527,000 in capital funding from the local authorities and crowdfunding so far, with other funders currently considering our proposal.

Thank you.


Your kind donation will help us to continue our services and reach more people. It will also encourage grantmakers to support our mission and aims.

We are genuinely very grateful for your support.


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