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Frequently Asked Questions

Q (Re Concessions) What do you mean by low-waged under-employed?

It could be you are working full time on minimum wage, or only able to find part-time work, or not enough self-employed work, and due to current circumstances you can’t draw benefits. You may not have a partner to help support you. It is there because we understand not everyone can draw benefits and basic household outgoings can be out of proportion to your income, meaning you have little disposable cash after living costs. If concessions are still too restrictive for you, check out our Assisted Places Scheme.

Q I really want to come but don't have the funds right now. Can I reserve a place and pay later?

Yes, email us if you are certain you will be attending and we can reserve a place for you up to 7 days before your class or course is due to start. If you are a 'regular or often' attendee, we may hold it for you for longer. 

Q I'm unsure about dates I can make. Can I reserve a place and pay later?

We're afraid not. It will be best to wait until you are sure. If the spaces are full by the time you come to book, add your name to the waiting list as there could be a cancellation and you'll get notified straight away. (A green waiting list button shows on the event when it is full). Alternatively, book your place but remember to cancel no later than 7 days before to receive a refund if it turns out you can't make it.

Q What should I wear to an improv class?

Casual comfortable clothes that are easy to move in are best. For instance, tight shirts and trousers can restrict your movement and breathing. Depending on the activities, you may feel quite hot after some, or cool if you're sitting for a while, so a jumper or cardigan can be handy to take on and off. If you wear high heels or heavy boots, these are restrictive and could cause injury to you or others, so bring some flats to wear - it's fine to go in stocking feet at certain times when you won't accidentally get trod on. Do not wear low-cut tops or short skirts that could reveal something you and others don't want to see! T-shirts and joggers are generally ideal.

Q What should I wear to perform in an improv show?

Choose clothes that make you feel confident, and are comfortable and easy to move and breathe in. Wear flat, light-weight shoes as heavy boots or high heels can be very noisy on an amplified stage, dangerous, and restrictive. Under the stage lights it can get surprisingly hot (even in the winter months) so dress cool and bring an extra layer you can take on and off.


Colourwise, it can depend on the type of show or section you're playing in. Your group leader may have decided with you all to go for a colour theme. In long-form and narrative, neutral blacks, white and greys are quite common as you can adapt more easily to the different characters you play, whereas in short-form, bright colours give off energy and fun.  Big logos and branding are really distracting to audiences when you're part of an ensemble or team, and avoid busy stripes - if the show's being recorded on camera, they make digital screens flicker. Never wear low-cut tops or short skirts that could reveal something you and others don't want to see!

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