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Boho Arts Launch Crowdfund Campaign

10 Nov 2022

Help a New Arts Venue in Newcastle!

Boho Arts has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Spachive platform with the aim of gaining big public support for our mission to open a creative arts hub in Newcastle. We hope to raise £42,000 by receiving lots of pledges from the crowd, and a large pledge from North of Tyne Combined Authority who are supportive of our plans. We need to gather a lot of early pledges for NTCA to add a significant amount to the pot.

This is an all or nothting campaign, meaning - if we don't reach our target, everyone will get their pledge returned, we will receive nothing, and will be sad, so this is a big and important project for our small team of volunteers to make a success.

A video has been made to promote the campaign which sees lots of North East artists from the worlds of theatre, music, comedy, and visual arts endoursing our project. The video shows the recent demolition of creative workspaces in newcastle leaving an even bigger need than there already was.

The success of this crowdfund campaign will provide enough money to make the ground floor safe, secure and accessible. But this is only part of a much bigger picture and plan to release more funding to repair and adapt the entire building to have 4 workshop rooms, a small theatre and arts cafe.

Times are tight, but we hope that the public will get behind us with whatever they can afford. The minimum you can pledge is £2, and there is no maximum limit. You can also support us by sharing our campaign on social media, telling your friends and spreading the word far and wide.

If lots and lots of people pledge and share then we are optimistic that our campaign will be a success and 2023 will see a new and unique arts venue for Newcastle, that will bring artists, communities and audiences together to connect, collaborate and be creative.

At times of such austerity following years of isolation due to the pandemic, we all need a happy palce to go.

Please show your support and go to our Crowdfunding page on Spacehive:


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