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Boho Arts Wonder wall is glowing with an amazing pledge.

25 Nov 2022

Boho Arts is a coming!

We are excited to tell you that @NorthofTyneCombinedAuthority

has pledged a whopping £25,265 to our crowdfunding

campaign! We told you your support would help

release more funding, and it has! Every pledge, every

share, every like, comment and emoji has helped us

get this far, and it will continue to open more doors.

Please keep it coming. We’ve still a long way to go, but

this is a giant step towards our goal and a new name to

add to our WONDERWALL!

Thank you NTCA… and… Hazel Burton, Andrew

Chandler, Jake Wilson Craw, Peff Soulsby, Allison Birt,

Helen Doyle, Suzie Neve, Mike Sheldon, Neil Benson,

Stephanie Henderson, Trevor & Brenda Chance,

Montse Ferres, Chris Chandler, Dami Fawehinmi, Jenni

Winter, Stephen Chandler, Gail Chandler, Richard

Dyter, Eric Burton, Helen Burton, Steve Ragan, Emma

McIntosh, Ian Mayor, Peter Johnson, Valerie Ross,

Vicky Teinaki, Stuart Sadler, Mhairi Ledgerwood, Tardis

Education, Micky McGregor, Viv Wiggins, Jules Kilburn,

Steve Byron, Niall Ashdown, Beccy Owen, Geoffrey

Braun, Melanie Hunter, Katrin Jones, Caroline Sabiston,

Pez Owen, Deborah Hall, Mat Mellor, Creatista, Matt

Bratton, Joanna Tilley, Caroline Paterson, Stuart Liddle,

Andy Oliver, Keri Atkinson, John Mawer, Chris Neville-

Smith, The Suggestibles, Northern Alchemy, Old Coal

Yard, Bev Fox, Ian McLaughlin, Jon Farthing, A Birt,

Laura Taylor, Rachael Walsh, Anna Jenner, Francesca

Arthur, Daniel Watkins, Angela Baird, Tom Walton,

Gary Dietz, Alex Ross, Christina, Brian Debnam, Richard

Vranch, Jimmy Destri, Carol Weatherhead, Chris

Roberts, Kate Craddock, Mariam Dunlop, Rita

Mendelson, Michelle Bayley, Frank Kibble, Tom

Shakhli, Casey Railton, Blanaid Denman, and all you

other anonymous backers!

These names (and hopefully lots more) will take pride

of place on ‘Boho’s Wonderwall of Supporters’ when

this special space becomes a reality!


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