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Welcome to our newest Trustee

27 Jul 2023

Creating an accessible, inclusive space benefits everyone

We're so happy to announce the newest trustee to our board, Andrea Johnson, usually known as Shandy.

Shandy has a BA(hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing, and is very passionate about the arts. She believes that all forms of art can enrich lives, and that creating an accessible, inclusive space benefits everyone. Previously, Shandy was involved in the Theatre Pie project, through the charity, Them Wifies, and currently, she can be found writing and editing for Create Change: an organisation that aims to make positive change through art.

"I'm really excited to join the board of trustees for Boho Arts. An accessible and inclusive place to get involed in the arts, sounds like a dream. I often struggle to get involved due to being neurodivergent, physically disabled, and due to a lack of accessibility and disability awareness, but when I have been able to, I've noticed just how much it benefits me, socially, in relation to my health, and my self-esteem. It'll be amazing to see this grow into something that will be beneficial to so many people. I'm so pleased I get to be involved!"


"I'm so pleased Shandy has joined our board, as she has such passion for the arts and will bring her personal insight of the challenges she has faced in accessing venues and arts activities, and of her friends' experiences also, that will help Boho Arts address and overcome them. I've known Shandy for several years. She has a strong voice that I'm sure she will make heard (and a great sense of humour which is bonus). Her input into this new and inclusive space will be invaluable." Bev Fox, Co-artistic Director and Founder

Shandy attended her first board meeting this week, and is the 9th member of our board, joining our other Trustees, Jon Farthing (Chair), Helen Burton (Treasurer), John Seager, Stephanie Henderson, Dami Fawehinmi, Ben Dickenson, Hazel Burton, and Dr. Julian Kilburn on our mission to improve access for all the arts.

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