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How can you help?

Thank you for thinking about helping Boho Arts. You could donate money, and volunteer your skills, experience, time, and enthusiasm!


Very soon we will begin a major Crowdfunding Campaign.

Your donations will help unlock the next stage of capital funding to actually do the refurbishment and make this happen!

Our mailing list will be open soon so we can keep you posted on how to donate. In the meantime, please follow BohoArtsNCL on Facebook and Twitter for news.


Right now, we are recruiting volunteers. If you have skills or experience in these or similar areas or would like to get involved and upskill, we’d love to hear from you - fundraising, admin, IT, promo, design, copyrighting, customer services, catering, painting and decorating, carpentry, facilitation, youth theatre. Go to our Volunteers page for more info.

Spread the word

Talk about Boho Arts to friends.


Follow us on social media, and invite your friends to follow us too. Share our posts and make meaningful comments.


Take part in our upcoming surveys. Share our Crowdfunding Campaign. Keep talking!


Thanks to our Donors

We are extremely grateful to our Donors. Thus far, several wonderful people have donated £5020 which paid for the charity's start-up costs and will help towards the planning permissions and springboard the development. Thanks to all of them for believing in us. We could not have reached where we are now without their generous support.

Read about our founder and board of trustees, and why Boho Arts came about.

Find out about the property and how plans are developing

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