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Assisted Places Scheme

This scheme is supported by our Mike Bridge Improv Fund. It supports people who are living in the UK and facing financial barriers to attend School of Improv


The Scheme

The aim is to help remove the financial barriers for people living in the UK who could not afford to attend School of Improv otherwise, either as newcomers or those who have been before but can’t afford to come at this time without this support.


Times are especially tight for some right now, and for others, always. By offering very low-cost access to our School of Improv workshop and performance program to people who have very limited disposable income, we hope the artistic, educational and fun aspects of improvisation, and inclusion in our warm and welcoming community, will help their creativity, confidence, friendships and overall wellbeing flourish.


A happy place to go.

The Fund

The fund is dedicated to the memory of Mike Bridge. Mike enjoyed improv for 5 years whilst battling brain cancer. He was passionate about improv and would get on the bus and take the 45-mile round trip from Crook every week to participate in our workshops and shows. Mike had several remissions over this time but sadly passed in 2015. But he didn’t go quietly. He provided the most happy and fun humanist funeral and wake for the loved ones he cherished. Cheers and Beers, Mike.


“I honestly believe that the Improvisation classes that I attend have helped me stave off my cancer. Exercise, laughter, learning, and a reason to crack on. A ‘Happy Place’ to go to, no matter how I feel. They should be on the NHS.”


Mike Bridge

Another passion of Mike's was photography. The wonderful photos of the people performing improv here were all taken by him

by mike 7.jpeg

How to Access the Scheme

Our Scheme Operates as an Honour System

The scheme is meant for people who cannot afford our concession tickets, have limited disposable income (i.e. beyond paying living costs), and would be unable to afford to attend without the scheme which is built on trust and is helped by the generosity of our charitable donors. When you pay for your ticket, it helps to replenish the fund, and therefore you're also helping to enable others to attend as well.

  • Select the 'Assisted Place' Ticket for the class or course you want to attend.

  • Individual Tickets are priced at £12.00. 

    • Select one individual ticket of your choice.

    • Once you have attended that class, you are free to book another.

  • Course Tickets (sometimes available) are priced at £60.00

    • Select one course only

    • Do not select multiple courses in a term.​

  • If these costs are still beyond your limit, please use the following code for a further 50% discount.:​



NB. Please be advised that if you don't turn up to a booked class then we may cancel any remaining classes you have booked. Similarly, if you continually cancel then we may cancel your access to the scheme. If you waste your place that could have gone to another, then we're afraid you won't be able to access the scheme again. Always let us know as soon as possible if you think you will have trouble attending. Our standard cancellation and refund terms apply. ​​

by mike 2.jpeg

Improv Club Showcases

Improv Club, currently held at the Cumberland Arms, costs £6 to attend. Though this is a low cost, we understand this is still beyond some people's reach. We therefore operate a limited guest list. Please email us if you would like a complimentary ticket.


How to Donate to the Fund

There are two ways to donate to the fund. Through our Donorbox or through our School of Improv booking pages. We're very grateful for every donation.


  • Go to Boho Arts Donorbox where you can select an amount, or choose to donate any amount.

    • You will also see the Donate Button right at the top of our website that takes you there.

  • You can choose to donate once, or set up a recurring donation if you wish.

  • Donorbox accepts donations by Credit Card, ApplePay, GooglePay through Stripe, and by Paypal.

  • You can choose to apply Gift Aid to your donation.

  • You can also choose to accept the payment processing fees if you want to.

School of Improv Booking Pages

  • Go to any page of the School of Improv Schedule

  • At the top of our events you will see ‘DONATE to ASSISTED PLACES’ where you can choose to donate £20, £10, £5, or multiples of these.

  • These are processed through Stripe which accepts Credit Card donations.

  • Stripe’s payment processing fee will be taken from your donation (typically 2-3%) and the full remaining amount will be designated to the fund.

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