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School of Improv

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Automated Booking System

  • We run an automated booking system for School of Improv events

  • As soon as you book, you will receive a confirmation email with links to your booking and important information.

  • Login to your account to see all your tickets, make changes or cancellations yourself.

  • If you have problems using the system or have any other queries, we’re happy to help. Call or text us on the number provided in your booking confirmation email, or email us at


Your Tickets


Booking and Cancelling Courses, Individual Classes or Shows

You can cancel your ticket at any time, but a minimum of 7-days-notice prior to your class, course or shows starting is always required for a full refund.

Courses (or remaining series)

  • Booking a course provides you with a quick and easy way to book all the classes on a course that is already reduced in price by 15%.

  • Once the course is underway, should there be a remaining series of classes through to the end of the course, the remainder of the course will be reduced accordingly in price too.

  • This is the best choice for getting the biggest saving when you’re sure to attend the whole course, or the remaining series of the course.

  • 7 days-notice prior to the course starting is required for course refunds.

  • No refunds are due for any classes skipped within a course ticket.

    • Beginners Course Guarantee: When you book the full course of 6 classes, should you be dissatisfied with the first class of the course, please inform us within 2 days following the first class and we will provide you with a full refund.


Individual Classes

  • Booking individual classes offers flexibility and bulk discounts.

  • You can spread your booking across different groups and classes as well.

  • Beginners Classes:

Beginners is meant to be booked as a course, and you will find the best value and experience by booking and attending the full course. But to provide some flexibility, you may book 4 or more classes individually. Unless you have former experience, you should not book if you can't make a minimum of 4 classes, as it would prove difficult for you to make progress should you miss anymore. Beginners Classes are recapped and reflected on at the start of the next class.

  • 7 days-notice is required for refunds on any individual class ticket.

Cooling-off Period and Refund Processing

  • You have a 48-hour cooling-off period if you change your mind – unless there is less than 48 hours before your class, course or show is due to start.

  • Please allow up to 14 days for refunds to be processed.



A transfer is when you change your class or course ticket to another that is suitable and available in the given term. You should only select tickets for groups that are the same or lower level as you. If this is not possible, as a one-off, you may select one level up. If your usual group is full, you could brush up on your short form, refresh the fundamentals, or give a musical class a go.

  • Only 7-hours-notice is required for you to make the transfer.

  • You can only transfer discounted tickets to other tickets that are allowed at the same discount (which are the majority)

  • You can only transfer tickets to the same or cheaper value as your existing ticket.

    • We can override this if we make the transfer on your behalf (pleased allow 24 hours-notice) We will then provide a payment link for you to pay the difference.

  • You cannot transfer tickets to another term.

  • In certain circumstances, we may offer a credit to another term at our discretion.


Waiting Lists

  • When a class or course is full, a green waiting list button shows on the event, and it is always worth adding your name to the list.

  • As soon as someone cancels, a new space becomes available and you will automatically be notified. This can be with long or sometimes very short notice.

No Shows

  • While we understand occasional last-minute problems can arise, it is unfair to your fellow students and your teachers, who are expecting you, not to inform us if you can’t attend when a quick text or email will do. You should always notify us directly, rather than passing on a message through the grapevine.

  • If you fail to turn up for your course without notifying us either before or within 2 days following we reserve the right to cancel the rest of your course ticket without refund.

  • For individual classes, if you consistently fail to turn up to class without notifying us, we reserve the right to cancel your remaining classes and any refund due will remove any bulk discounts applied.


Class Sizes

  • We limit classes to 12 or 14 (depending on the room and purpose of the class)

  • For our charity to maintain our prices and be sustainable, a minimum and steady class size of 9 participants is needed.  

  • When advance bookings a low, we may need to cancel the class or series and will provide as much notice as possible. As you might imagine, if several cancel or switch classes it makes sustaining our programme difficult, so please try to help by giving ample notice.

Should We Need to Cancel or Postpone

  • As noted above, sometimes, due to small class sizes, or it may be other unforeseen circumstances such as teacher sickness or strikes, we may need to cancel or postpone an event.

  • If this happens, we will provide you a full refund, or an alternative class or credit if you prefer.

This Policy was reviewed on 21st November 2023.


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