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What Should I Pay?

Standard, Accessible, or Supported?

What Should I Pay?

Individual Ticket Prices

Standard Price: £20

Accessible Price: £16

Sliding Scale of Bulk Discounts

For flexibility, when you can't attend an entire course or full term of classes, you can book several individual tickets at a discount for your regular group, and/or attend different groups over different nights (as long as they are at an appropriate level for you) within the given term.

6 or more classes: 10% off / 5 classes: 8% off / 4 classes: 6.5% off / 3 classes: 5.5% off / 2 classes: 5% off.

Bulk Discounts

Course Ticket Prices

A 15% Reduction

Standard Price: £102
equates to £17 per class

Accessible Price: £82
equates to £13.67 per class

Booking a course is the best choice for getting the biggest savings and the fullest experience when you’re sure to be able to attend the whole course of 6 classes (or the remaining series of the course).  


Once a course is underway, should there be a remaining series of classes through to the end of the course, the remainder of the course will be reduced accordingly in price too.

Supported Place


We also offer a limited number of free places each term.


New Tiered Pricing Model

Tiered Pricing

For the New Year, we are trialling a new Tiered Pricing Model with the aim of making our School of Improv programme more open to more people. If this proves to be generally liked and is sustainable to operate, it will continue in the Spring.


Read the following ‘guidance’ to help you decide if you should pay the ‘Standard Price’ or ‘Accessible Price’ (replaces Concessions) or if you could benefit from a ‘Supported Place’ (replaces Assisted Place).

It’s your choice. You won’t be questioned or asked for proof or ID, and whichever option you choose is confidential. All we ask is that you’re honest and will consider what you can afford.


Think about your situation right now. It might change in the future, and you can reconsider then.


For clarity, if you’re buying a ticket for someone else, the price relates to them personally, as the attendee. You may wish to purchase a 🎁 gift voucher instead.


Consider paying the STANDARD PRICE if some of the following statements apply to you:

  • I am able to meet all of my basic needs*

  • I may have some debt but it doesn’t prohibit attainment of my basic needs*

  • I am gainfully employed or self-employed

  • I choose not to work

  • I have access to financial savings

  • I am adequately supported by my family or partner

  • I can claim back tax or work allowances on the fees

  • I have a reasonable amount of disposable income**


Consider paying the ACCESSIBLE PRICE (discounted by 20%) if some of the following statements apply to you:

  • I frequently stress about meeting basic needs* and don’t always achieve them.

  • I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting my basic needs*.

  • I rent lower-end properties or have unstable housing

  • I am unemployed or underemployed

  • I am self-employed and my income is low, irregular and uncertain

  • I qualify for government assistance. E.G.: benefits, local welfare schemes.

  • I access voluntary assistance

  • I have no access to savings

  • I have very limited disposable income*

  • I am a full-time carer for a family member at home


Consider a free SUPPORTED PLACE if some of the following statements apply to you:

  • I have no personal income

  • I am restricted by my family or partner to a small personal allowance

  • I have no recourse to public funds

  • I am a refugee or asylum seeker (or similarly impacted state violence)

  • I have no disposable income**

NB. At this time, free SUPPORTED PLACES are very limited, and you should only book one course that you’re sure you can make. If the free place is already taken, or if you’re able to make a small contribution to the cost, please don’t feel embarrassed to contact us for a confidential DISCOUNT CODE you can use instead.

*BASIC NEEDS include food, housing, clothing, transport and medical needs for you (and your household if you are the sole or primary earner).

**DISPOSABLE INCOME is what you have left over after covering your basic needs. It might mean you’re able to afford to eat out, have trips to the cinema or theatre, buy new clothes, books or similar leisure or entertainment items each month or frequently.

Our trial model is in keeping with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, and has been discussed with our invited participants' feedback panel. It is a trial, and therefore, if you like or dislike it, or think it could be improved, please let us know.  Your feedback is very welcome.

Ready to book? Want to find the full description of each course? Click here!

Want to check out how to cancel or make changes to your booking first? Click here!

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